Christopher Wright Fine Art Photographer


August 2016 Cover of, and within, "Martha's Vineyard Magazine"















"Under Astral Skies" by Elin Spring 01/07/2015
"Christopher Wright sets his gaze on the Milky Way in his series Night in Color. Perched around the island of Martha's Vineyard, Wright capitalizes on the offshore, crystalline sky and the glassy reflections of his Atlantic surroundings to bring us breath-taking views of our personal slice of outer space. Wright's glorious images possess a wide and humbling perspective, an invitation to meditate on our position in the universe."









The Martha's Vineyard Times 06/17/2014
"The love and admiration Mr. Wright feels for his Island home are tangible in his photography, which suggests a certain respect for the Island and the natural occurrences that befall it."

{Photograph by Michael Cummo}







The Martha's Vineyard Times 09/11/2013
"Three photographers — all of whom incorporate innovative techniques in their work — are included in the show. Christopher Wright uses a complicated process to print his landscape photos on metal. His ocean scenes — Lucy Vincent under the super moon, a dock in the fog — are moody but benefit from the precision of a master technician. Mr. Wright also captured a very interesting shot of New York City that combines black and white and color photography for an unusual effect produced by meticulously layering multiple images of the same scene."

{Photograph by the A Gallery}